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modular ceiling
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On request:
CRI>90, CASAMBI, ActiveAhead

Product description

The ML luminaire is characterized by a very light structure and simple and quick assembly. The body is made of steel, painted white. A choice of two colors of the reflectors: white and black. ML includes an optical system that has been developed to ensure maximum lighting efficiency in the workplace while effectively reducing the unwanted glare effect UGR <16. Two color temperatures to choose from: warm (3000K) and neutral white (4000K), CRI≥80 (on request: CRI≥90). Standard dimming: ON-OFF, Dali (Casambi, ActiveAhead on request).

The luminaire is used in demanding offices, conference rooms, lecture halls, and therefore wherever work comfort into its efficiency.

  • żyrandol
  • IP 20
  • CE




mounting hole: max.585x585mm

Catalogue code Light source Luminaire light flux Power Color temperature CRI/RA Weight Dimensions UGR
3011.103.50C LED 3813lm 28W 3000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <16
3011.104.50C LED 4057lm 28W 4000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <16
3011.203.50C LED 4094lm 28W 3000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <17
3011.204.50C LED 4355lm 28W 4000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <17
3011.103.80C LED 3733lm 28W 3000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <18
3011.104.80C LED 3971lm 28W 4000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <18
3011.203.80C LED 4134lm 28W 3000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <19
3011.204.80C LED 4398lm 28W 4000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <19
3012.103.50C LED 5338lm 38W 3000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <17
3012.104.50C LED 5679lm 38W 4000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <17
3012.203.50C LED 5732lm 5732lm 3000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <18
3012.204.50C LED 6098lm 38W 4000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <18
3012.103.80C LED 5226lm 38W 3000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <19
3012.104.80C LED 5560lm 38W 4000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <19
3012.203.80C LED 5788lm 38W 3000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <21
3012.204.80C LED 6157lm 38W 4000K ≥80 2,6kg 600x600x48mm <21