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"Opened in September 2021, the Centre of Polish Folklore in the "Karolin" Palace houses a multimedia exhibition designed by Nizio Design International. The exhibition presents folklore Polish in music, singing, dancing and costume. A visit to the "Karolin" Palace is an opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with Polish national culture in its regional varieties. It is also a complement to what the "Mazowsze" band has been doing for over seventy years, presenting Polish folklore on stages around the world. The concept and executive design of the permanent exhibition of the Centre of Polish Folklore "Karolin" was prepared by Mirosław Nizio's studio".

FIX, FLIP and Pif-Paf projectors were used to illuminate the exhibition.

The optical system designed in our luminaires is based on the highest quality components and guarantees the right amount and distribution of light. Precise lenses have been used, which in individual models of luminaires fulfill their individual role. They allow you to achieve optimal light distribution, extract contrast, without the effect of glare and dispersion. In addition, this optics provide precise illumination of areas of various sizes from a long distance without scattering the luminous flux.

Photos: press materials of Nizio Design International / photo: Piotr Krajewski