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Illumination of the walls of the Malbork Castle and the boulevard zone on the Nogat River

Malbork Castle is the most powerful fortress of medieval Europe and the largest Gothic castle in the world. Picturesquely located on the Nogat River, the complex of three castles for 150 years was the capital of the Teutonic state. According to the decision of the City Hall in Malbork, the modernization of the boulevards around the castle was carried out along with the illumination of the defensive walls of the fortress.

As part of the cooperation, we have prepared and implemented a lighting project for the above-mentioned zones. Planning began with a thorough analysis and examination of the architectural structures of the castle walls and its surroundings.

To illuminate the historic wall, a point method, otherwise known as "light carving", was used, allowing to expose important architectural details of the illuminated surface. Luminaires mounted to the ground of the Naik type were used, having a wide range of optics, high luminous efficiency, the highest class of protection against impacts IK10. The luminaires have been equipped with apertures, the honeycombs, eliminating the glare effect, i.e. the unpleasant impression of discomfort with excessive brightness in the field of view. In addition, the design department of Liralighting has developed a sectional control system – allowing to dim the luminaires for a given section of the wall while maintaining the design assumptions. The control was based on an advanced router, which has the ability at a later stage of the investment, control via an Internet gateway. The power supply for the luminaires has been placed in an easily accessible location, which will greatly facilitate the servicing of the lighting.

The pedestrian streets around the wall were illuminated with external Fat bollards, using advanced optics, allowing for precise and even illumination of the entire path while optimizing the quantitative of luminaires, which results in increased spacing of luminaires and energy savings.

To illuminate the piers, customized Slant bollards were used. The applied modification in the luminaire construction allowed for a perfect fit of lighting with a specially designed construction of protective barriers mounted on the platforms.

Boulevards on the Nogat River is now a place that has acquired a new expression and atmosphere. It is a place that allows you to serve recreation and rest not only to the inhabitants of Malbork but also to tourists who come in large numbers to visit one of the most beautiful buildings of medieval Europe.

Preparing the lighting project of such a prestigious object as the Malbork Castle became a huge challenge, and at the same time a pleasure. The use of a luminaire intended for illumination of historic buildings allowed to preserve all design assumptions. The investment has already been completed.

photo: Michał Pawłowicz