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Project carried out with Ap2I - Official Dealer Liralighting

Modern lighting solutions in car showrooms not only adapt to individual aesthetic preferences, but also fulfil ergonomic functions, creating a comfortable space for customers. A professional approach to lighting in a car showroom reflects an advanced approach to vehicle presentation, while building brand prestige and positively influencing the perception of the products on offer.
The use of high-quality lighting allows attention to be focused on the essential elements of the showroom, highlighting details and enhancing the impression of luxury and modernity.
The BRI lighting system represents not only modernity but also efficiency, adapting perfectly to the requirements of a modern car showroom. Its advanced features allow the lighting to adapt to the dynamically changing layout of the space, which is crucial in the context of the regularly rotating collection of vehicles on display.
By using reflector-equipped modules that eliminate the troublesome effects of UGR<14 glare while offering excellent light quality, the BRI system exceeds the standards expected in the industry. FIX accent projectors further accentuate details and add unique character to the space on display, making car presentations not only striking but also functional.
The efficiency of BRI lighting is based on an efficient lens system and a wide range of optics, providing excellent light quality and high luminous efficiency. These elements ensure that BRI lighting not only meets the requirements of a car showroom, but also sets new standards in the area of modern commercial offices. It adapts perfectly to current needs, creating an attractive presentation environment that not only attracts attention but also emphasises brand prestige.
realisation: RIA Jamnica near Stalowa Wola - Multisalon car new premises formula, PSA concern
Project carried out with Ap2I - Official Dealer Liralighting