EU funds

DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Sittard, Netherlands.

To illuminate this project, a point method in illumination was used, thanks to which important architectural details are exposed. The point method, otherwise known as light sculpting, is a very ambitious task that was set for the designers, which they fulfilled exemplarily. The consistency, the proportion of the division and the symmetry of the illuminated object have been preserved.

Piston luminaires were used, which have a wide range of optics, high luminous efficiency and, as you can see, are suitable for illuminating illumination using the point method.


realization: Double Tree by Hilton Sittard, Nederland

project: Lueur B.V. Maastricht, Netherlands

Electrician company: HOMIJ Technische Installaties Ittervoort Netherlands

photo: Anton Daal fotografie b.v.