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Polish E-payments branch in Rzeszów

We would like to present our latest realisation - the new branch of Polish E-payments in Rzeszów, where we provided customised and tailor-made lighting fixtures, harmoniously in line with the client's vision.

The colour scheme, in line with the client's vision, was perfectly realised in the entrance hall and corridors through the use of suspended Tube Deep luminaires. The introduction of the luminaires in a non-standard colour allowed for a camouflage effect, where the luminaires, despite being perfectly colour-matched to the orange ceiling, still stand out, adding elegance and character to the space. The orange colour, which dominates both the ceilings and the luminaires, is a direct reference to the main colour from the Polish E-payments logo, creating a coherent whole and emphasising the brand identity.

In the office area, Tube Deep luminaires in white and Beta Slim recessed luminaires were used. Tube Deep luminaires, placed in the heart of the office space, in white, provide both a practical source of light and a subtle colour accent. In addition, Beta Slim luminaires, characterised by a wide angle of incidence, are located in this zone to provide an even illumination of the office space. Above the desks, linear luminaires are placed, the design of which has been emphasised by orange shades, in keeping with the visual identity of Polish E-payments.

In the conference rooms, linear luminaires and downlights from the STAX Deep family were chosen. These luminaires disperse light evenly, creating optimal conditions for effective communication. This combination of luminaires not only fulfils the practical function perfectly, but also gives the conference rooms a unique character.

Working with our official dealer Ap2i, we were able to create custom lighting fixtures that not only serve a practical function, but also fit perfectly with the client's vision, giving the space a unique character. Once again, we have succeeded in creating a space full of creativity and modernity.