EU funds

Wave Apartment in Miedzyzdroje, is a building that impresses with its modern design and thoughtful functionality. From the outside, the buildings resemble a wave on the ocean, with curved lines and flowing shapes. The windows overlook the sea, providing residents with a beautiful panorama and access to natural light. The interiors are bright and elegant, with attention to detail and functionality.

Luminaires used in the project:

SPIN ceiling-mounted, in castomised gold, using high-quality LEDs and an efficient aluminium reflector;

BRI , an innovative lighting system based on a high-quality aluminium profile, allowing specially designed luminous modules to be fitted, ensuring high performance, optics, UGR<10;

TOTEM outdoor columns, distinguished by their interesting, intriguing shape;

PISTON outdoor projectors, accentuating vegetation;

LlNE, professional light line, providing flexibility, tightness - and thanks to long 48V powered sections, lines can be created without having to be cut.

Realization: Wave Międzyzdroje Resort&SPA