EU funds

'The European Family Centre is a project that was born from a dream, a dream of creating a place in line with the spirit of contemporary trends and a holistic approach to health care. It assumes close integration of the diagnostic, medical and surgical part as well as the regenerative and psychological part together with the research and development area.

In a non-accidental location, the construction of the complex is planned, because it is in the heart of Sopot, a unique seaside resort associated with recreation and rest. Embedded in Sopot's unique architecture, the first of five - building B1, which houses the administration, medical laboratories and the INVICTA Research and Development Center is only a harbinger of the characteristic sequence of the next four. The buildings forming the open complex were designed by FAAB Architecture, the inspiration for the creators was the wonderful geometry and energy of sea waves and a series of photographs by the French artist Pierre Carreu - "Aqua Viva". The whole complex will be connected with Błonia Sopockie and a decorative retention reservoir creating an inspiring and engaging space and a convalescence-friendly walking arrangement not only for patients, but also for the residents of Sopot. 75% of the total complex will be green zones."

The project uses Pregnant lamp lighting poles, which perfectly fit into the climate of the environment and the idea of the European Family Center.

The original shape of the luminaire has been constructed so that the luminaire fulfills its lighting function, as well as was a shelter for birds, thanks to the built-in nesting box.

The Luminaire of Pregnant lamp is about finding a balance and harmonious combination of the human environment and nature, with respect for both environments.




project: F A A B Architektura Białobrzeski | Figurski

luminaire design of Pregnant lamp: Ultra Architects

photos: Maciej Walczuk