EU funds

On the campus of the Medical University of Warsaw, at Księcia Trojdena Street, a unique place has been created, where families of long-hospitalized young patients live in the Pediatric Hospital of the Medical University of Warsaw.

The house is 100% free, and serves the mission of "So that the family can be together." It implements the idea of ​​care focused on the whole family of a child treated in a hospital. The Ronald McDonald Foundation House on the MUW campus is the first one in Warsaw, the second in Poland.

We had the pleasure to participate as a donor in part of creating this hospitable and family-friendly place. The house is modern architecture and comfort of every space, silence, warmth, pro-ecological solutions, technologies conducive to effective media management, security, 2,100 meters of usable space, 3 floors, 25 functional apartments - private zones, perfectly arranged common area: kitchen, dining room, laundry room, library and relaxation area. The Foundation team and wonderful Volunteers take care of the guests and the House. The house will help 365 days a year.

Houses in Poland in Krakow and Warsaw are lit with LED light, they are ecological and energy-saving.

luminaires that were used in the implementation: Crack, Naik, Post, Pure, Beta, Donna