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The church in Ligowo was built in 1473. It was a wooden church, and the construction of the present brick, neo-gothic temple was completed in 1913. The style refers to the neo-baroque with classical elements.

Thanks to the illumination used, its architectural beauty was brought out anew. Backlights were used in over 150 places, allowing to expose important architectural details in 47-meter towers, rosettes, windows, arches and arcades.

Outdoor luminaires were used: Piston projector, Naik ground luminaires, having a wide range of optics, which enabled to professionally achieve all the objectives of the designed illumination. To illuminate some of the window niches and the main entrance, an orange-coloured UFO luminaire was used, introducing the effect of warming the body in these places. The adjustable handle in the luminaire allowed for precise setting of the light beam.

The entire illumination is controlled in the Casambi system from the phone, which allows you to create countless light scenes depending on your needs.

The well-thought-out illumination design and the luminaires used allowed the church in Ligowo to be sculpted anew.


Contractor: Fenice - Lighting studio specializing in lighting sacred buildings Author of the concept/project: Rafał Jaworski