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A revitalized complex of buildings where you'll find a unique boutique cinema, numerous entertainment and dining concepts, a museum showcasing the history of this remarkable site, and exceptional offices.

"Norblin Factory is a 2 hectare site in Warsaw's Wola district overflowing with extraordinary history. An area that for years was a neglected pearl of post-industrial architecture has been transformed into a new part of the city with offices, stores, restaurants, cafes, a Food Town, an organic bazaar, a boutique cinema and an open museum commemorating the history of one of the largest industrial enterprises of the former Kingdom of Poland!"

Norblin's factory is a special place on the map of Warsaw, namely it is a renovated and transformed factory hall from the 19th century. The factory initially specialized in the production of silver, copper and zinc products, including cutlery, clocks and other decorative items. It was a factory that characteristically combined exclusive design styles such as Art Nouveau, Rococo and Neoclassicism.

Today, the Norblin Factory's products have a very high cultural and design value for Warsaw, and all of Poland. They are exhibited in many museums and art galleries. They are also often a base of inspiration for contemporary designers.

In the 1990s, the revitalization of the factory building, which was partially destroyed during World War II, began. The work included restoration of facades, roofs and other architectural elements. As a result of the revitalization, some historic buildings of the Norblin Factory were transformed and adapted to new functions. These spaces have become cultural and commercial venues, as well as restaurants and art galleries.

One important element of the revitalization was the restoration of the Norblin Factory's distinctive clinker façade, which had been damaged by warfare and neglect after the war. This work restored the original appearance of some of the buildings.