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The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Šiauliai, Lithuania, is the most expressive architectural example of Renaissance Mannerism in Lithuania. The cathedral looks extremely impressive and is enriched with original architectural details. The tower is 70m high and can be seen from a distance from every side of the city. The monumental building, full of original architectural details, looks like a defensive structure. The bay windows of the main façade and the turrets of the courtyard gate with arrowslits create the impression of a fortress ready to defend. This impression is intensified by the northern gate of the courtyard located in front of the cathedral, the only one of its kind in Lithuania. Such an effect of a well-fortified building was created thanks to the combination of local architectural traditions with Western patterns.

Preparing the lighting design of such a magnificent building has become a huge challenge, and at the same time a pleasure. The Piston, Naik luminaires used, designed to illuminate the facades of historic buildings, allowed to preserve all design assumptions. A wide selection of opticians made it possible to obtain unique light scenes.


realization: Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Šiauliai in Lithuania

project: UAB" Patogi erdvė" Patogi erdvė- Just Light LT

photo: Rinat Tarzumanov