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Given the increasing demand among consumers and a growing awareness of the significant impact lighting has on their daily lives and work, we have designed fixtures that ensure the highest lighting parameters while maintaining top lighting efficiency. Through the application of appropriate optical systems and precision lenses, we have achieved an optimal light distribution without the harmful glare effect. The results of our efforts are showcased in our new INDOOR catalog.

2024 is actively introducing and developing the Official Dealer programme. The programme provides a platform to build long-term and partnership business relationships. As part of the programme, we aim to offer our Partners a range of benefits and support needed to achieve their business goals. Partners who join our programme have access to benefits such as preferential pricing, promotions, marketing support and bespoke training programmes.


Further process of implementation and expansion of the portfolio of new products. A catalogue with outdoor luminaires OUTDOOR 01, a catalogue with projectors and a catalogue with downlights were published. New products are the result of a number of studies, optimization of luminaires on many levels, observation and response to current market demand. All activities undertaken above are aimed at meeting the user's expectations and assumptions of the most demanding projects.


We have completed the construction of a new factory equipped with a modern machine park. The park includes CNC lathes and milling machines, a laser cutter, CNC cutters, and a press brake. An integral part of the factory is an automatic powder coating plant. This painting facility ensures the proper finishing of products, protection against corrosion and mechanical damage, and maintains product aesthetics. The full automation of processes and the use of state-of-the-art equipment result in the highest production efficiency with minimal resource consumption


Many years of experience in building a distribution network has enabled us to launch the OFFICIAL DEALER program with extensive technical and marketing support for our most important partners. We have made further intensive expansion into foreign markets. We have started the construction of a new factory that will allow us to continue our production in one location.


As one of the few lighting companies in Poland, we take pride in having our own photometric laboratory.This is a crucial facility for the lighting industry, lighting designers, researchers, and engineers working on optics and photometry. In the laboratory, we measure parameters such as light intensity, luminous flux, and light intensity distribution. The laboratory plays a vital role in the evaluation and certification of lighting products, helping to ensure that they meet specific safety and quality standards.


Our company’s strengths undoubtedly lie in our advanced machinery park, highly qualified staff, and a dedicated research and development department focused on refining and introducing new products. This contributes to our strong position in the lighting market. We offer comprehensive customer support, from electrical design and expert assistance in fixture selection and lighting calculations, to professional after-sales service, making us a reliable partner.


The release of the first catalog featuring fixtures designed for hotels, guesthouses, and other hospitality establishments marked the beginning of our journey into designing our own lighting.


Over the years, LIRA has grown to become one of the largest distributors in Poland for the most luxurious and designer lighting brands, primarily from Italy but not limited to. This was just the beginning of our journey in the world of lighting. With the execution of subsequent contracts and the continuous development of the company, the idea of producing and designing our own lighting fixtures emerged.


Securing projects for the comprehensive furnishing of hotels and guesthouses has led to increased interest in the lighting market.


Commencement of operations. The company primarily operates in the furniture and interior furnishings market..



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