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designed, tested, manufactured in Poland

Our factory is not just a modern machine park but also a center for innovation and new technologies. Thanks to our highly skilled workforce and research and development department, we continually raise the bar in the lighting industry. Our technologically advanced machining machines enable precise and efficient production of high-quality lighting fixtures. Additionally, we have our own powder coating facility, allowing us to maintain control over every stage of the production process. This not only ensures excellent quality but also the ability to customize finishes to meet individual customer needs.


We take pride in being one of the few lighting companies with our own photometric laboratory. Thanks to it, we can conduct precise tests and analyses, providing our customers with products of unparalleled performance and energy efficiency.


Our goal is not only to deliver high-quality lighting but also to continuously strive for improvement and innovation. This strengthens our position as a leader in the lighting market, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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