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We produce without major obstacles

We produce without major obstacles in the current difficult situation related to the spread of coronavirus.
The order portfolio allows us to look optimistically into the future. We have implemented numerous procedures recommended by the World Health Organization that ensure safety for our employees.

Office workers, where possible, work remotely, others work in specially designated zones, so that contact between them is kept to a minimum. We have implemented special security procedures for components suppliers and in warehouse operations. Work on production takes place in a shift system to limit contact between particular employees. We have implemented all recommended personal protective procedures (including: every day disinfection of floors, desks and other places , appropriate distances between people, body temperature measurement). In due course, we stocked our warehouses with components for production from European partners, whose factories are currently closed or operate to a limited extent. Other our suppliers operate without problems so far.

We manufacture luminaires in our factory, thanks to which the crisis caused by problems with supplies from China did not affect us. We are observing the changing situation and we will react on an ongoing basis to what the next weeks will bring us.