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ARCHITECT@WORK, 30-31/05/2023


On 30-31 May 2023, a prestigious architectural trade fair took place that brought together professionals from the construction industry, architects, interior designers and manufacturers and suppliers of architectural solutions. The event took place in a spacious conference centre, where numerous company stands showcased their innovative products.

As an exhibition priority, we chose the Tree model, one of the luminaires from the Pregnant Lamps family, which we were already pleased to present last week on our social media. Pregnant Lamps are luminaires in which a nesting box for birds has been embedded in the structure. This initiative enables birds to lay their eggs and rear their offspring as they do in their natural environment, which is unfortunately increasingly being taken away from them due to expanding urban development in cities. In addition to showing the luminaire and its construction physically on the wall of the stand, fair participants could also watch a film documenting the life of the birds in these exact boxes, presented on a top-quality LED screen. 

Pif Paf (projectors), Piston (floodlights), Master Blaster (poles) and Naik (in-ground) luminaires were also presented.