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Technical data

Mechanical data:

surface mounted

Optical data:

Light distribution:

Other data:

Contains light source:
Type of source:
LED / tunable white
On request:
dedicated control rooms designed for the facility
school, offices, reception areas, conference rooms, hotel, hospitals, waiting rooms

Product description

CRACK TUNABLE WHITE what this technology gives us?
It is possible to set artificial light to the rhythm of natural light, it allows to change the color temperature (from 2700K to 6500K) according to the users preferences. The day starts with a colder colour, then through a slow change of light colour we move on to a warm colour. This technology is used in many areas, including offices, waiting rooms, conference rooms, hospitals. For the luminaire, we can offer dedicated controls designed for the facility.

  • IP20
  • F
  • CE
  • żyrandol
  • EVG
  • śmietnik

Available product colors

  • cold white
    03 matt
    93 glossy
  • warm white
    10 matt
    91 glossy
  • light grey
    06 matt
    96 glossy
  • grey
    07 matt
    97 glossy
  • anthracite
    70 matt
    76 glossy
  • black
    05 matt
    95 glossy
  • anoda
  • grey graphite
    80 matt
    84 glossy

TW - Tunable White

OP - opal

C - color

Catalogue code Light source Light flux Power Color temperature CRI/RA Dimensions
1903TW.10.OP.C tunable white / led 3300lm 21W 2700K-6500K CRI>80 L=846mm
1904TW.10.OP.C tunable white / led 4400lm 28W 2700K-6500K CRI>80 L=1126mm
1905TW.10.OP.C tunable white / led 5500lm 36W 2700K-6500K CRI>80 L=1406mm
1906TW.10.OP.C tunable white / led 6600lm 43W 2700K-6500K CRI>80 L=1686mm
1907TW.10.OP.C tunable white / led 7700lm 50W 2700K-6500K CRI>80 L=1967mm
1908TW.10.OP.C tunable white / led 8800lm 57W 2700K-6500K CRI>80 L=2247mm
1909TW.10.OP.C tunable white / led 9900lm 64W 2700K-6500K CRI>80 L=2527mm
1910TW.10.OP.C tunable white / led 11000lm 71W 2700K-6500K CRI>80 L=2807mm
1911TW.10.OP.C tunable white / led 12100lm 78W 2700K-6500K CRI>80 L=3087mm
1912TW.10.OP.C tunable white / led 13200lm 85W 2700K-6500K CRI>80 L=3367mm

Photometric body