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Luminaire type

Technical data

Mechanical data:


Optical data:

light distribution:
indirect and direct

Other data:

Contains light source:
Type of source:
Available on request:
offices, receptions, class rooms, conference rooms, halls, museums, shops

Product description

Anti-glare luminaire equipped with LED light source. The innovative optical system provides very comfortable work conditions , it does not cause tiredness during a long stay in the room. It can be equipped with linear fluorescent lamps and LED modules in varying variants of lighting directions. These capabilities allow you to create unique interior lighting with very high technical parameters: efficiency of the luminaire up to 93 % depending on the light source and the glare factor UGR < 14 . With the linear construction of the housing it is possible to create a lighting system composed of straight sections . Dimmable with DALI or 1-10V. It can available with emergency module.

  • IP20
  • F
  • CE
  • żyrandol
  • EVG
  • śmietnik

Available product colors

  • cold white
    03 matt
    93 glossy
  • warm white
    10 matt
    91 glossy
  • light grey
    06 matt
    96 glossy
  • anthracite
    70 matt
    76 glossy
  • black
    05 matt
    95 glossy
  • anoda
  • grey graphite
    80 matt
    84 glossy
On request:
  • grey
    86 more than glossy
  • biały
    83 more than glossy
  • black
    85 more than glossy

Lightsource: LED

-upper diffuser: transparent
-bottom diffuser: raster (RA)

IN - indirect lighting
DI - direct lighting

C - color

Catalogue code Light source Light flux Power Color temperature Dimensions
5902030.00.RA.C LED MODULE (IN) 2200lm + (DI) 3300lm 36W 3000K L=890mm
5903040.00.RA.C LED MODULE (IN) 3300lm + (DI) 4400lm 51W 3000K L=1190mm
5904050.00.RA.C LED MODULE (IN) 4400lm + (DI) 5500lm 65W 3000K L=1490mm
5902031.00.RA.C LED MODULE (IN) 2200lm + (DI) 3300lm 34W 4000K L=890mm
5903041.00.RA.C LED MODULE (IN) 3300lm + (DI) 4400lm 48W 4000K L=1190mm
5904051.00.RA.C LED MODULE (IN) 4400lm + (DI) 5500lm 61W 4000K L=1490mm
5914330.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 14W + (DI) 3300lm 36W 3000K L=890mm
5921440.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 21W + (DI) 4400lm 50W 3000K L=1190mm
5928550.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 28W + (DI) 5500lm 64W 3000K L=1490mm
5924330.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 24W + (DI) 3300lm 44W 3000K L=890mm
5939440.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 39W + (DI) 4400lm 66W 3000K L=1190mm
5954550.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 54W + (DI) 5500lm 88W 3000K L=1490mm
5914331.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 14W + (DI) 3300lm 36W 4000K L=890mm
5921441.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 21W + (DI) 4400lm 50W 4000K L=1190mm
5928551.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 28W + (DI) 5500lm 64W 4000K L=1490mm
5924331.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 24W + (DI) 3300lm 44W 4000K L=890mm
5939441.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 39W + (DI) 4400lm 66W 4000K L=1190mm
5954551.00.RA.C T5 | G5 + LED MODULE (IN) 54W + (DI) 5500lm 88W 4000K L=1490mm

Photometric body