Technical data

Mechanical data:

Surface mounted / with adapter
aluminium, steel

Optical data:

Light distribution:
Beam angle:
17°, 30°, 51°

Other data:

Contains light source:
Type of source:
Available on request:
offices, receptions, museums, shops

Product description

THIN MINI - simple modern design. Aluminum luminaire, designed for mounting on a rail or directly to the ceiling with a base. It has a high efficiency LED up to 160 lm / W, which, combined with a precision reflector, provides excellent light performance and high efficiency. Ring black anti-glare available for fi90mm version guarantees high light comfort and prevents excessive glare. Thanks to the wide range of available beam angles and diverse power, the projector will be widely used in both exhibition and retail spaces as well as in modern interiors. The projector is available with a special light source dedicated to clothing stores.
  • IP20
  • F
  • CE
  • żyrandol
  • EVG
  • śmietnik

Available product colors

  • cold white
    03 matt
    93 glossy
  • warm white
    10 matt
    91 glossy
  • light grey
    06 matt
    96 glossy
  • grey
    07 matt
    97 glossy
  • anthracite
    70 matt
    76 glossy
  • black
    05 matt
    95 glossy

Lightsource: LED

Y - Reflectors

X - Mounting type
0 - with 3-circuit track adapter
1 - surface mounting

Z - luminaire color

Catalogue code Light source Light flux Power Color temperature Beam angle Dimensions
5507.1093.Y.0X.Z LED SPOT 855 lm 10W 3000K 17°/30°/51° Ø55/105
5507.1103.Y.0X.Z LED SPOT 950 lm 11W 3000K 17°/30°/51° Ø55/105
5507.1123.Y.0X.Z LED SPOT 1140 lm 13W 3000K 17°/30°/51° Ø55/105
5507.1153.Y.0X.Z LED SPOT 1425 lm 17W 3000K 17°/30°/51° Ø55/105
5507.1094.Y.0X.Z LED SPOT 898 lm 10W 4000K 17°/30°/51° Ø55/105
5507.1104.Y.0X.Z LED SPOT 1000 lm 11W 4000K 17°/30°/51° Ø55/105
5507.1124.Y.0X.Z LED SPOT 1200 lm 13W 4000K 17°/30°/51° Ø55/105
5507.1154.Y.0X.Z LED SPOT 1496 lm 17W 4000K 17°/30°/51° Ø55/105