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Optical data:

Light distribution:

Other data:

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office buildings, private residences, hotels, public buildings, museums

Product description

Proven on many prestigious projects, an illumination fixture based on an aluminum profile with a movable arm. Advanced branded monochrome and RGB LED modules cooperating with precise optical system in many versions ensure that the luminaire can cope with any design task related to external lighting.

  • IP65
  • F
  • CE
  • żyrandol
  • EVG
  • śmietnik

Available product colors

  • cold white
    03 matt
    93 glossy
  • warm white
    10 matt
    91 glossy
  • light grey
    06 matt
    96 glossy
  • grey
    07 matt
    97 glossy
  • grey graphite
    80 matt
    84 glossy
  • anthracite
    70 matt
    76 glossy
  • black
    05 matt
    95 glossy

Lightsource: LED

C - color

L - lenses to choose:

​10 = 10°
25 = 25°
40 = 40°
60 = 60°
61 = 30x60°

From the lenght of L=632mm there are two holders for wall mounting

Catalogue code Light source Light flux Power Color temperature Dimensions
12410.0611.L.C POWER LED 680lm 8W 3000K L=202mm
12410.0612.L.C POWER LED 680lm 8W 3200K L=202mm
12410.0613.L.C POWER LED 680lm 8W 4000K L=202mm
12410.0621.L.C POWER LED 1150lm 15W 3000K L=202mm
12410.0622.L.C POWER LED 1150lm 15W 3200K L=202mm
12410.0623.L.C POWER LED 1150lm 15W 4000K L=202mm
12410.0911.L.C POWER LED 1020lm 12W 3000K L=372mm
12410.0912.L.C POWER LED 1020lm 12W 3200K L=372mm
12410.0913.L.C POWER LED 1020lm 12W 4000K L=372mm
12410.0921.L.C POWER LED 1740lm 22W 3000K L=372mm
12410.0922.L.C POWER LED 1740lm 22W 3200K L=372mm
12410.0923.L.C POWER LED 1740lm 22W 4000K L=372mm
12410.1511.L.C POWER LED 1910lm 20W 3000K L=612mm
12410.1512.L.C POWER LED 1910lm 20W 3200K L=612mm
12410.1513.L.C POWER LED 1910lm 20W 4000K L=612mm
12410.1521.L.C POWER LED 2900lm 36W 3000K L=612mm
12410.1522.L.C POWER LED 2900lm 36W 3200K L=612mm
12410.1523.L.C POWER LED 2900lm 36W 4000K L=612mm
12410.2011.L.C POWER LED 2280lm 26W 3000K L=912mm
12410.2012.L.C POWER LED 2280lm 26W 3200K L=912mm
12410.2013.L.C POWER LED 2280lm 26W 4000K L=912mm
12410.2021.L.C POWER LED 3870lm 48W 3000K L=912mm
12410.2022.L.C POWER LED 3870lm 48W 3200K L=912mm
12410.2023.L.C POWER LED 3870lm 48W 4000K L=912mm
12410.3011.L.C POWER LED 3420lm 40W 3000K L=1212mm
12410.3012.L.C POWER LED 3420lm 40W 3200K L=1212mm
12410.3013.L.C POWER LED 3420lm 40W 4000K L=1212mm
12410.3021.L.C POWER LED 5810lm 73W 3000K L=1212mm
12410.3022.L.C POWER LED 5810lm 73W 3200K L=1212mm
12410.3023.L.C POWER LED 5810lm 73W 4000K L=1212mm