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Technical data

Mechanical data:

on the ground

Optical data:

Light distribution:

Other data:

Contains light source:
Type of source:
parks, estetes, surroundings of office buildingss


Product description

BOLT - solid construction with integrated LED module with high durability and lifetime, dedicated to external applications. Available in two light colors 3000K and 4000K. BOLT is available in the low 950 mm and high 3000 mm versions. Thanks to the precise optics available in both low and high posts, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of luminaires used in the realization and the power consumption. Simple design, and at the same time irregular shape make BOLT perfectly fit into any garden, terrace, pavement or alley.

  • IP65
  • F
  • CE
  • żyrandol
  • EVG
  • śmietnik

Available product colors

  • cold white
    03 matt
    93 glossy
  • warm white
    10 matt
    91 glossy
  • light grey
    06 matt
    96 glossy
  • grey
    07 matt
    97 glossy
  • grey graphite
    80 matt
    84 glossy
  • anthracite
    70 matt
    76 glossy
  • black
    05 matt
    95 glossy

Lightsource: LED

C - color

L - lenses to choose:

02 - asymmetric floodlighting distribution
03 - street lighting distribution
04 - park lighting distribution

Fuse connector on request

Catalogue code Light source Light flux Power Color temperature Dimensions
13203.83.C LED 950lm 10W 3000K H=950 | W=160 mm
13203.84.C LED 950lm 10W 4000K H=950 | W=160 mm
13203.1153.L.C LED 1150lm 8W 3000K H=950 | W=160 mm
13203.1154.L.C LED 1150lm 8W 4000K H=950 | W=160 mm
13203.3303.L.C LED 3000lm 24W 3000K H=3000 | W=455 mm
13203.3403.L.C LED 4000lm 36W 3000K H=3000 | W=455 mm
13202.3503.L.C LED 5000lm 52W 3000K H=3000 | W=455 mm
13203.3603.L.C LED 6000lm 50W 3000K H=3000 | W=455 mm
13203.3803.L.C LED 8000lm 73W 3000K H=3000 | W=455 mm
13203.3304.L.C LED 3000lm 23W 4000K H=3000 | W=455 mm
13203.3404.L.C LED 4000lm 34W 4000K H=3000 | W=455 mm
13202.3504.L.C LED 5000lm 47W 4000K H=3000 | W=455 mm
13203.3604.L.C LED 6000lm 46W 4000K H=3000 | W=455 mm
13203.3804.L.C LED 8000lm 68W 4000K H=3000 | W=455 mm