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Technical data

Mechanical data:

surface mounted / with adapter
steel, aluminium

Optical data:

Light distribution:
10°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 30x65°

Other data:

Contains light source:
Light source:
offices, receptions, museums, shops, private apartments

Product description

The projector is designed for mounting on a rail or directly on the surface. Adjustable in two planes allowing setting any direction of light. The housing is made of aluminum. The use of very high quality LED sources causes that the LUPO luminaire provides light characterized by a high CRI coil, no UV radiation and infrared radiation, which makes it ideal for lighting museum rooms, galleries, etc. Advanced control electronics allow for a smooth change of luminous flux in the range from 0-100% or a smooth change of RGB colors. It is possible to manually set the required parameters or use external control systems, such as DMX, DALI or 1-10V. A wide selection of lighting angles allows for a perfect adjustment of the luminaire to individual needs.

  • IP20
  • F
  • CE
  • żyrandol
  • EVG
  • śmietnik

Available product colors

  • cold white
    03 matt
    93 glossy
  • warm white
    10 matt
    91 glossy
  • light grey
    06 matt
    96 glossy
  • grey
    07 matt
    97 glossy
  • anthracite
    70 matt
    76 glossy
  • black
    05 matt
    95 glossy

Lightsource: LED

M - mounting type to choose:

0 - with 3-circuit track

1 - surface mounting

L - lenses to choose:

10 = 10°

25 = 25°

40 = 40°

60 = 60°      

61 = 30x65°

C - color

Catalogue code Light source Power Current Light flux Color temperature
56M.17.1.L.C 5xLED RGB | DMX 15W 350mA
56M.27.1.L.C 5xLED | DMX 12W 970 lm 3000K
56M.37.1.L.C 5xLED | DMX 12W 970 lm 4000K
56M.27.2.L.C 5xLED | DALI 12W 970 lm 3000K
56M.37.2.L.C 5xLED | DALI 12W 970 lm 4000K
56M.27.3.L.C 5xLED | 1-10V 12W 970 lm 3000K
56M.37.3.L.C 5xLED | 1-10V 12W 970 lm 4000K
56M.27.4.L.C 5xLED | MANUAL – POTENCJOMER 12W 970 lm 3000K
56M.37.4.L.C 5xLED | MANUAL – POTENCJOMER 12W 970 lm 4000K
56M.27.5.L.C 5xLED | ON/OFF 12W 970 lm 3000K
56M.37.5.L.C 5xLED | ON/OFF 12W 970 lm 4000K


Additional options
They mus be chosen during order placement
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