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Technical data

Mechanical data:

surface mounted

Optical data:

light distribution:

Other data:

Contains light source:
Type of source:
Available on request:
offices, receptions, class rooms, conference rooms, halls, museums, shops

Product description

The luminaire is based on aluminum profile, appearing in the form of ready-made fixtures or infinitely long systems, which takes different shapes. Parallel use of diffusers type: opal, micro-prismatic, aluminum raster, aluminum cap and connecting accessories offers a wide range of applications of CRACK system.

  • IP20
  • F
  • CE
  • żyrandol
  • EVG
  • śmietnik

Available product colors

  • cold white
    03 matt
    93 glossy
  • warm white
    10 matt
    91 glossy
  • light grey
    06 matt
    96 glossy
  • grey
    07 matt
    97 glossy
  • anthracite
    70 matt
    76 glossy
  • black
    05 matt
    95 glossy
  • anoda
  • grey graphite
    80 matt
    84 glossy

Lightsource: LED

M - mounting type to be choosen:
10 - surface mounted
12 - wall luminaire lighting down
13 - wall luminaire lighting up


OP - opal

C - color

Catalogue code Light source Light flux Power Color temperature Dimensions
190220.M.OP.C LED 2200lm 15W 3000K L=566mm
190330.M.OP.C LED 3300lm 22W 3000K L=846mm
190440.M.OP.C LED 4400lm 29W 3000K L=1126mm
190550.M.OP.C LED 5500lm 36W 3000K L=1406mm
190660.M.OP.C LED 6600lm 44W 3000K L=1686mm
190770.M.OP.C LED 7700lm 51W 3000K L=1967mm
190880.M.OP.C LED 8800lm 58W 3000K L=2247mm
190990.M.OP.C LED 9900lm 65W 3000K L=2527mm
191100.M.OP.C LED 11000lm 72W 3000K L=2807mm
191210.M.OP.C LED 12100lm 80W 3000K L=3087mm
191320.M.OP.C LED 13200lm 87W 3000K L=3367mm
190400.M.OP.C LED 4000lm 27W 3000K L=566mm
190600.M.OP.C LED 6000lm 39W 3000K L=846mm
190800.M.OP.C LED 8000lm 55W 3000K L=1126mm
191000.M.OP.C LED 10000lm 68W 3000K L=1406mm
191200.M.OP.C LED 12000lm 82W 3000K L=1686mm
191400.M.OP.C LED 14000lm 94W 3000K L=1967mm
191600.M.OP.C LED 16000lm 109W 3000K L=2247mm
191800.M.OP.C LED 18000lm 123W 3000K L=2527mm
192000.M.OP.C LED 20000lm 136W 3000K L=2807mm
192020.M.OP.C LED 22000lm 150W 3000K L=3087mm
192040.M.OP.C LED 24000lm 164W 3000K L=3367mm
191221.M.OP.C LED 2200lm 14W 4000K L=566mm
190331.M.OP.C LED 3300lm 21W 4000K L=846mm
190441.M.OP.C LED 4400lm 27W 4000K L=1126mm
190551.M.OP.C LED 5500lm 37W 4000K L=1406mm
190661.M.OP.C LED 6600lm 41W 4000K L=1686mm
190771.M.OP.C LED 7700lm 48W 4000K L=1967mm
190881.M.OP.C LED 8800lm 55W 4000K L=2247mm
190991.M.OP.C LED 9900lm 61W 4000K L=2527mm
191101.M.OP.C LED 11000lm 68W 4000K L=2807mm
191211.M.OP.C LED 12100lm 75W 4000K L=3087mm
191321.M.OP.C LED 13200lm 82W 4000K L=3367mm
190401.M.OP.C LED 4000lm 26W 4000K L=566mm
190601.M.OP.C LED 6000lm 39W 4000K L=846mm
190801.M.OP.C LED 8000lm 51W 4000K L=1126mm
191001.M.OP.C LED 10000lm 64W 4000K L=1406mm
191201.M.OP.C LED 12000lm 77W 4000K L=1686mm
191401.M.OP.C LED 14000lm 90W 4000K L=1967mm
191601.M.OP.C LED 16000lm 103W 4000K L=2247mm
191801.M.OP.C LED 18000lm 115W 4000K L=2527mm
192001.M.OP.C LED 20000lm 128W 4000K L=2807mm
192021.M.OP.C LED 22000lm 141W 4000K L=3087mm
192041.M.OP.C LED 24000lm 154W 4000K L=3367mm

Photometric body