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Outdoor lighting advantages

What kind of light can be used to emphasize the aesthetic values of the building from the outside? Well-designed elevation lighting will accentuate its character, decorations or architectural ornaments. Appropriate selection of luminaires and light will allow to show the building in an interesting way during the day and after dark. The facade, with the right play of light and shadow, can look very impressive.

Liralighting offers a wide range of ways to illuminate the building, including:

  • Wall lights that direct light downwards, upwards or upwards and downwards, to create a unique atmosphere.
  • Luminaires mounted in the window niche so that the light does not enter into the building, but gently illuminates the facade.
  • Projectors mounted around the building, which allow to create interesting illumination, because of the adjustable luminaires with many angles and a wide range of optics to choose from.

Also using colorful light illumination will effectively enliven and illuminate the building from the outside in a modern way. Multicolour, illuminated facade gives a spectacular effect and attracts attention. Using such lighting, can completely change the appearance of the building from the outside. To achieve this original effect, luminaires with a special RGB or RGBW source are used.

The modern technology and our many years of experience allows us to select the luminaires, the power of light to meet all customer requirements and achieve a satisfying effect.