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Training Official Dealer Liralighting

Last week, November 23-24, we organized meeting for our Official Dealer. There were two intense days for both participants and us. The first day was theoretical training, where we presented the offer, our projects and plans for 2018. At the end of the day we organized an interesting attraction - Night Sightseeing of the Malbork Castle, where the guide in the knight's costume showed us the castle. During the evening dinner we could share impressions from the whole day. The second day was a mystery from the very beginning, none of the participants knew what was going to happen to him. In the morning we went to a place that provided a lot of adrenaline, emotions and positive energy, it was paintball.

Thank you again for participation and invite you to the next product training!

Luminis Oświetlenie Lampy2 Galeria Wnętrz Tomaszów Maz Lamperiada Internity Praxis Technika Oświetleniowa No Name Office